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Harmonia Therapy
                      Barbara Gooch
Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Fertility2Birth
Welcome to Harmonia Therapy

Find the harmony between the mind and body!!!

Welcome to Harmonia Therapy. Thank you for taking the time to read my website.
Harmonia, in its literal meaning, is the balance between mind and body – and that is my goal; to help you find the right balance and peace within yourself.  In today’s hectic lifestyles, we very often forget to look after ourselves.  Harmonia Therapy, therefore, provides the ‘time out’ from everyday life and allows you to contemplate your thoughts and feelings.  Harmonia Therapy offers a safe, non-judgemental environment within which you may connect with yourself.
Harmonia Therapy is provides a professional and confidential face to face Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Fertility2Birth Service in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Now appointments are also available  in Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

 The therapy can be either in English or Polish.
It is a safe place where you can seek out your own peace and explore your difficulties.
By building a trusting and sharing alliance together it is possible to develop the confidence we need to look at the difficult and painful areas of our lives and make changes.
As a therapist I feel it is my privilege to assist those who spend the time with me in seeking out that balance within.
I value the uniqueness of each of our lives and will work closely with you to look at any issue that feels important. These could include:
Relationship difficulties
Stress and Anxiety
Grief and Loss
Lack of confidence and Self-Esteem
Work issues
Eating Disorders
......or indeed anything that's holding you back from leading a happier and more fulfilled life.
I work in an integrative style, which means I use different therapeutic models in order to understand and address your needs. I'm adapting the way I work using my personal insight and simply listening to you. After all it’s all about your needs, my role is only to assist you in the process of self-healing, recognise who you want to be and make that real.
I fully understand your need for complete confidentiality and can assure you that this will be respected. 
 To book an appointment please complete the contact form or feel free to call on this number… 07791051359